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Manfred Kaiser's How the weather affects your health Manfred Kaiser's How indoor air quality affects your health

The air we breathe in our homes is more polluted than the outdoor air. Building materials, pets, and human activities contribute to the chemical soup we breathe. Poor indoor air can cause: Sick Building Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, pet allergy, asthma and much more. Read the book here

How the weather affects your health is the most comprehensive guide to everything weather and health.

To date, it is published in six languages.

Aviation plays a big part in my life: aviator (military and commercial pilot) and air traffic controller. Find information on helicopters such as the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, Alouette II, Bell 47, Bell 205 UH-1D (Iroquois, Huey), Hughes 500, Robinson R22.


Weather and Health (Bioweather)

Weather affects health. It may trigger weather headaches, weather migraine, or arthritis pain. Biometeorology is the science behind weather and health and bioweather is the daily occurrence of certain weather situations with human health implications. Read the book here

Indoor Air Quality


How the weather affects your health

How indoor air quality affects your health

Indoor air pollution is ranked in the top five environmental  risks to our health. Manfred Kaiser’s How indoor air quality affects your health provides information on the many pollutants in our home and what we can do about it.

Helicopters and Gliders

Radio-controlled slope soaring

Soar like an eagle, literally. Radio-controlled slope soaring is fast and furious most of the time, but can be gentle and relaxing. Enjoy the pictures of my experiences in gliding, and the home-built and radio-controlled model gliders.

Aviation Weather headaches and migraine Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Indoor Air How weather affects health How indoor air quality affects health Bell 205 Iroquois UH1D Slope soaring glider